Paper crafts: Paper chrysanthemums

Paper chrysanthemums tutorial


– Paperboard: (9cm x 20cm), (12cm x 20cm), (15cm x 20cm)

– Glue.

– Scissors.

– Bamboo sticks ( or plastic stick).

– Ruler.

– Tape.

– Wire.

– Pencil.

Making paper chrysanthemums.

Step 1: Use the pencil to drawing 2 lines along the length of the rectangle so that from that to 2 ends of the paper are 4cm.

Step 2: Cut paper into strips ( 5mm).

 Step 3: Use bamboo stick to roll 2 end of the strip to have petals ( roll one end to the drawing line).

Step 4: Use glue to stick at the center of the second petal on the first petal. Stick 8 equal petals to have one petal layer.

Making the same way to have 3 petal layers. Stick smallest layer inside to large layer. We have a flower.

 Step 5: Drawing a leaf on the green paper by carefully cutting the leaf out of the page and using the resulting “template” to have more leaves.

Use 10cm wire. Use glue to stick 2 leaves together and put the wire at the center.

Step 6: Use tape to roll leaves on the bamboo stick . Roll the paper strip around the top of the stick to have the base of the flower.

 Step 7: Stick the flower on the base to have paper chrysanthemums.

We have the paper flower.



We are done!




Beautiful paper roses

You see, what a beauty! Do not want to so decorate your home? But you can use them for decoration and gift wrapping and add to card …

Beautiful paper rosette

You have used them for wedding table decorations, wedding bouquets, favor decorations, cake and cupcake toppers, scrapbooks, paper projects, card making, wine bag decor, party decor, jewelry and more



Purple damask paper fowers handmade roses


il_fullxfull.324667353.jpg (1500×1126)

Shabby Chic Wedding paper flowers

Recycling ideas: crepe paper flowers

Recycling ideas: crepe paper flower

Make square crepe paper flower you can see here


– Newspaper.

– Scissors.

– Glue.

– A chopstick.

Let’s start!

Step 1: Cut paper into squares: 4cm, 6cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 14cm, 16cm.

Step 2: Fold in half to have rectangle shape, fold in half again, fold in half to have triangle shape.

Step 3: Cut off paper along the dots line, we have:

and open them:

Step 4: Roll one petal of the flower around the chopstick, moderately tight roll (the right side of the paper turned out) and roll 4 rounds .

Step 3: Use the index finger and thumb push the paper down on the table, make the paper wrinkle.

Step 4: Left the chopstick out of paper, used left hand to drag gently on the two sides.

Make the same way with other petals of this strip, we have the creper flower.

Make the same way with other strips, and stacked pairs of equal petals perpendicular, adjusted so that each pair of consecutive petals fit together to create a square, we have:

Step 5: Put the small flowers inside large flowers, use glue to glue them together, you can arrange so that the petals parallel or perpendicular to each other. In this case I put the petals perpendicular to each other.

and arrange more flowers we have:

This is big paper flower.

Step 6: Cut paper into strip (1.5cm x 30cm), Fringe the entire lengtth, leaving about 0.3 cm of the paper uncut along the edge. Roll it up to have stamen. Glue it at the center of the flower. We are done.

Happy recycling!

Recycling paper: paper flower bow


– a Newspaper.

– Scissors.

– Glue.

– a Stamp.

Small bow for gift box or the bow is half circle shape 

1. Cut one piece of paper into strips with (1.5 cm x 20cm), (oriented landscape so you end up with 4 strips).

2. Stack them and staple them once in the center, then fold the stack in half to form a little book.

3. Cut the border of the book with the wavy shape

4. Use glue to paste 2 ends of one strip in the center.

We have a cute bow:

A circle bow for gift box: 

Make the same a half of circle bow with 13  strips.

Glue 13 ends of strips in the center i  have paper crown for my daughter:

Glue all ends of strips in the center we have:

We are done!