Recycling plastic bottles: summer flower pot for home

Recycling bottles: summer flower pot for home


– Plastic bottle.

– Scissors.

– Knife.

– Green paper.

– Plastic traws.

Let’s start!

Step 1: Remove the lid of the plastic bottle.

Step 2: Using scissor to cut plastic bottle into small pieces ( cut 2/3 bottles from the top to the bottom and leaving 2cm at  the bottom of the bottle )

Step 3: Cutting green paper into rectangles (10cm x 1.5cm), fold in half and cut sharpen the outer edge to have leaves.

Step 4: Fold straws into flowers.

Step 5:Fold flower buds, you can see here Fold beads with plastic straws

Step 6: Bend each pieces of the plastic bottle to have flower banches.

Step 7: How to have plastic flower pot from recyling plastic bottle?

Put leaves, flowers and flower buds on the stem.

We have a flower banch.

Cut round 1/3 of the remaining plastic bottles to make hanging space.

More and more we have a flower pot.


This is colorfull flower from recycling plastic.

Happy recycling!

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